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‘Everything is gestation and then bringing forth.’  Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

We all know writing can be a lonely business…  As a mentor, I can help you stay focused and inspired by setting clear goals tailored to your aims, and support towards achieving them. I can offer:

  • feedback on work in progress and ideas for further development
  • creative exercises to help you explore different perspectives, opening up possibilities and inspiring new ideas
  • advice on technical aspects of the writing process and suggested reading to inform your practice
  • advice on publishing, networking, raising your profile, and getting your work out into the world

In a one-off Writer’s Personal Development session I can work with you to review your writing goals, plan specific steps to help you develop your writing further, or offer feedback on a project in progress.

If you’d prefer a more long-term series of Writer Mentoring I’ll tailor a programme to suit your needs, working with you towards achieving agreed goals and helping you develop your writing through individually designed exercises and detailed feedback.

I can also offer individual written feedback on work-in-progress.

Led by your individual requirements, my guidance will draw upon years of working across genres with writers at various stages of their careers, as well as my own personal understanding from inside the process with all its frustrations, revelations, and rewards.

To find out more and discuss your individual needs, email me at