The Blue Sky Faded – Buy the Anthology

Moving and inspiring – you can find this anthology of poems by women from the Brighton Breast Cancer Support Group on the shelves at Waterstones. Written over the course of a series of workshops I ran with the group – just 14 weeks! – these poems are testimony to the energy, resilience and love of life shared by these amazing women.

I also have copies for sale, all proceeds going to the Brighton Breast Cancer Support Group, which does amazing work providing advice and guidance to women at an incredibly challenging time. If you’d like to support the group by ordering this anthology (£5 plus £1 postage and packing) contact me at kimlasky@btinternet.com


Poetry South East

Published this month by The Frogmore Press, the Poetry South East 2010 anthology has work from writers in Sussex, Kent and Surrey. Editors Jeremy Page and Catherine Smith have included work from established as well as up and coming writers. There’s a launch event on campus at Sussex University on 30 November in the Meeting House from 6-8pm with poets reading work from the anthology. Find out more and buy a copy at the Frogmore blogspot http://frogmore-jp.blogspot.com/


The Blue Sky Faded

Soon to be published, this collection of poems is the result of a series of creative writing workshops I ran with women from the Brighton Breast Cancer Support Group. These women are amazing!  What bought them together initially was the fact that they had all been diagnosed with breast cancer, or given the news that they carried the breast cancer gene so were at risk of developing the illness. They found themselves catapulted into an unfamiliar world of tests, hospital appointments, and operations, their lives turned upside down and under threat. The creative writing sessions were intended to offer the group an opportunity for self-expression, and the chance to experiment with writing and to learn a little about poetry and poetic form. I hoped it would become a place where they could share their experiences and, by writing about them, perhaps help to process them. During our weekly sessions I heard about biopsies and bone scans, followed by the long wait for test results. I heard what it feels like to undergo mastectomy, chemotherapy, and reconstruction surgery, and to face the ongoing challenges of lymphoedema, pain, and tiredness. I heard many things that will stay with me. But what struck me most about these women was their amazing positivity. Faced with all this, they fought back – teaching themselves about nutrition and alternative therapies, finding out about treatments, sharing advice. They got on with life, determined to embrace it and to appreciate the things that illness teaches you really matter: family and friends, taking time to notice the world and people around you.  It was a joy to work with them, and I’m looking forward to seeing their poems in print soon.