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Ada and Charles

ada - findingada.comThoroughly loving being drawn into the world of Charles Babbage & Ada Lovelace for my new project, the drama The Difference Engine. Drawn together by a shared passion and drive to imagine what if…, the irascible middle-aged Victorian inventor and the vivacious young Countess make unlikely friends. But reading letters exchanged by the pair during the 1830-40s their relationship really comes alive. Ada, novice mathematician hungry for knowledge, was intrigued by Babbage’s plans to build a huge and technically complicated calculating engine – a ‘machine that can think’. Beset by financial & personal troubles, Babbage came to see Ada as his ‘Enchantress of Numbers’, one of the few people who believed in his dream. Together, ahead of their time, they realised the possibility of the computer & computer programming. Although the dream of Babbage’s engine wasn’t realised in his lifetime it was finally built by the Science Museum in 1991. And the archive of letters and writings from Babbage and Ada has bequeathed us the ghost of their fascinating relationship – just waiting to be restored to life…

Picture from, where you can find out more about Ada.

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