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Ada Lovelace Day

lovelace letter to Faraday finding ada siteWith this year’s celebration of women in science, technology, engineering and maths coming up on Tuesday 14th October I’ve just come across some hand-written letters from Ada to Michael Faraday on the wonderful

Exciting to see, and these letters capture Ada in typically playful mood. Alongside talk of a scientific paper Faraday has shared with her and her analytical ambitions, Ada teases Faraday for his deeming of himself ‘a tortoise’ in comparison to her. ‘You have excited in my mind a ridiculous, but not ungraceful, allegorical picture, viz: that of a quiet demure plodding tortoise, with a beautiful fairy gambolling round it in a thousand radiant & varying hues…’

See more & find out about this year’s Ada Lovelace Day celebrations at

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