Wild Correspondings

This beautiful eco-poetry source book is the result of a unique correspondence course Connections while Solituding, which took place during the first lockdown, April-July 2020.

As we stayed in our lockdown spaces and walked close to home, it was a joy to receive letters, poetry, and prompts for exploring the outdoors from the composite eco-poet kin’d and kin’d. Being deer, being weald, being dew… How can I be in this world, at this time, and do things differently?

The letters and poetry and artworks have become a record of that strange time, a time of shock and anxiety, a time of giving up being busy and being with change, of facing the trouble. Written alongside and in connection with many others, from lichen to river, earthworm to oak, this sourcebook has become a guide to using poetry to forge new connections.

Readings from Wild Correspondings will take place:

Waterstones, Bristol-Galleries , Saturday 19th March 2022
Hastings Book Shop, 5 Trinity Street, Hastings, Wednesday 23rd March 2022
Visitors’ Centre, Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, Sunday 26th June 2022

Order from Elephant Press.

Wild Correspondings

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